Meet the Maker

My name is Jeffrey Morrison, and by my side in all of this is my wife Corinne.

It seems my whole life I have had the desire that "working with my hands" was something I wanted to do. That idea was probably instilled into me by my hard working father, who taught and showed my siblings and I how to really work hard. Since before I can remember, you literally cannot wash the stain from my fathers working hands. I've always admired that. 

I got started off studying civil engineering, in which I graduated with my bachelors in May of 2020. But along the way, I realized that was not my passion. Eventually I joined the United States Air Force Reserve where I was trained as a firefighter. I now work full time as a Firefighter in the Northern Kentucky Area.

In the midst of all the schooling and training and preparing my future... I got started in a passion of leather craft that has consumed me. I now get to work with my hands and create things everyday. It almost feels like something I was made to do. I feel called to pursue it as something more than a hobby and so that is what I am doing.

Thank you so much for visiting my shop. I hope that you enjoy the products and become a lifelong customer!